John Scupelliti & The Reactions

   John Scupelliti, like so many others, sang on the street corners of Brooklyn along with many other groups. In 1962 he formed a group called The Trends. The group consisted of John Scupelliti on lead, Richard Scalici second tenor, And Richard Candido first tenor. A short time later they recorded several demo records at Beltone Studios. As they shopped the demos around they met Frank Cariola (Frank Cari). Frank, the owner of  Sultan Enterprises, quickly signed them to a contract with the MUTUAL RECORD LABEL and changed their name to The Reactions. Their first records, Our Wonderful Love and That Girl were released in 1964 on The Mutual Record Label. Although neither record hit the charts,they are still aired throughout the metropolitan NY area as well as in Philadelphia.. Today John Scupelliti remains the lead singer. The others have been replaced by Phil Block, baritone out of the Bronx, John Foster, second tenor out of Brooklyn, and Elmo Maisonet, first tenor out of Queens.   ,